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DIY Kombucha

DIY Kombucha - happy easter

DIY Kombucha – happy easter

This can be the cheapest and most effective sources of probiotics and it’s easy I promise…. just not the first time.  It’s delicious and my kids are into it!

1. Boil 3 litres of filtered water
2. Add water and 6 green tea bags/leaves(6tsp) to large glass jar
3. Steep 20 minutes and remove tea bags/leaves
4. Add sugar and stir until dissolved
5. Cool to room temperature
6. Add SCOBY and 1 cup starter liquid (old Kombucha)
7. Cover glass jar with cloth or coffee filter and secure around with rubber band
8. Set jar aside in a dry, warm, dark location away from direct sun (about 22 to 27 degrees Celcius)
9. Leave still for 7 – 30 days. You can use a straw to taste it until it’s your desired brew. The longer it ferments – the less sugar and the more ‘vinegar’ you’ll taste. I personally prefer a 30day brew.

– add flavour at the end if you so choose (ginger, honey, mint, lavender)


I got my SCOBY from Good Fermentations: a local passionate chef and fermenter set on improving our internal biodiversity.
Call Good Fermentations and ask for Bo or Gina at:

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