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A short glimpse at the programs we find ourselves running in patients most often, but this list is not at all exhaustive. They are most often adapted from shared clinical and scientific experiences that have helped thousands of patients across the globe. Mind you – everyone is different so your unique ‘picture’ will allow us to adapt the protocols to meet your unique and specific needs. All patients are welcome, all cases and conditions and if we can’t help you we will point you in the direction to find the appropriate care.


Most everyone has been touched by cancer at somepoint in their lives. The naturopathic approach to oncology can aid you or your loved ones in prevention, regression and remission of several types of cancer. It is imperative that treatment be evidence- based, rightly timed and informed to ensure each patient benefit from complementary oncology care. There is an abundance of well researched therapies and patients the world over have benefited greatly from the use of nutraceuticals, botanicals, intravenous medications and more. Consult with a specialized ND today to find out how your case may benefit from our care. Treatments often include intravenous therapy, mistletoe therapy, orthomolecular medicine, nutritional counselling and more.

Hormonal and Women’s Health

For all stages of woman-hood from start of menses to menopause our hormones affect so much of our health. Especially when we are encountering so many external factors that can influence your unique physiology – especially on a hormonal level. We use specific testing to show us the true tissue levels of active and hyperactive hormones and their relative balance in your body. Join us for yearly well-women checks where you feel empowered and informed about the functioning of your cycle.

Digestive Restoration

Going beyond just digestive relief and towards restoring healthy functioning. The gut is now widely accepted as the ‘second brain’ due to the volume of information it processes and shares with the body. It houses more than 70% of your immune system and really interprets your environment chemically. Digestive functioning is a cornerstone in most everyone program, we’ll help you find answers.


Virtually every process in our body encounters and is ruled by the immune system. It is both a dictator and a vulnerable bystander in several disease processes – figuring out the imbalance can play a key role to keeping you an active player in your life. Whether a common cold or a more complex auto-immune condition we may be able to help you get to the root of the matter and feeling better – for good.


Often our conventional model of health care falls short of being able to help find reasons towards difficulty in conceiving and most patients are diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’. We take into consideration all the vital processes that require balance in order for your body to create and carefully house a fetus. Including hormones, male factors, stress, luteal phase sufficiency, environmental exposures, genetic factors, etc.

Pre/Post Natal Care

Helping women to feel great throughout pregnancy and speed recovery and adjusting to life after birth. You can feel great throughout and your baby will benefit. Includes lifestyle and dietary counselling, supplementation and safe treatment of any other things you may have going on. Providing home visits in the early months after birth allows us to properly assess your you and your baby in a comfortable space while also assessing your environment.

Mood Stabilization

Whether you want to improve overall well-being or are struggling with anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, attention deficit disorder, learning disability or addiction – help is within reach and it doesn’t have to be pharmaceutical. There are several well-researched nutrients, botanicals and lifestyle factors known to help stabilize mood so you can get back to being yourself.


We are now encountering more toxins in our environment than what our bodies have evolved to handle. It has become increasingly important to ensure that all our pathways of elimination are functioning optimally. Often people can have genetic barriers, nutritional deficiencies or over-burdened detoxification pathways. We can help find the answers you need to figure out where your body needs assistance and we can make those changes sustainable. So many programs out there move too quickly and the garbage isn’t actually taken out of the body, it’s just relocated. Do it right, do it safely.