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Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic doctors are trained as primary care providers. Meaning we observe, recognize and treat as front-line health care workers.


Each and every patient has a unique protocol dependant on their unique health care needs. Although we are all human, we are all quite individual in the way we react and/or experience disruption.


Now serving you from the comfort of your own home. Order and refill prescriptions online and shipment will arrive in 2-4 business days direct to your doorstep.

We are pleased to now be serving the Health and Wisdom Naturopathic Medical Clinic Community.
Welcome to inspired health care - we trust you will feel right at home. I am excited to continue the efforts of Leah and David Oster on your journey to optimal living.

I am looking forward to meeting you, you can read a bit more about me here and drop me a line here.