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Never Give Up Hope

Nov 07, 2013 by AliveandWell

I was on death row and this is how my story begins when I tell you how I went from just beating death to alive and well, and pretty much fully recovered in under a year from Naturopathic medicine and help. I started to feel sick, sometimes all day sometimes only once a week. It got worse and worse to the point where none of my food would stay down. I went to my family doctor and after numerous tests, I mean about every single test available to the human body I did it, just to get answers. After about a year and half later of all those tests and deadly medications that I was taking, some even causes heart failure, the doctors gave up and I just kept getting worse.I would avoid restaurants, friends and family. I would be throwing up for 2hrs straight in pain and my leaning over a garbage pail. The one doctor told me that there was nothing left and I will just have to live like this for the rest of my life. A friend of mine recommended trying out a natural path and so I decided to see what its all about. Even before I got sick, Iv always relied on natural remedies to get better. I met Lia and I felt hope was near. We did a few tests (when I say a few I mean about 2) and we got results. Yes it cost a good amount of money and I sold anything I could because it literally was life and death to get the funds. I did a ALCAT test which tests your blood for allergies or intolerances from mild to more severe. I wasn't necessarily fond of the idea but wasn't gonna give up now and I already put the money out to get help. The main relief was I had answers. I was suppose to avoid all foods and ingredients that were on my list, well that wasn't that hard because I was only eating candy, chocolate, chips, crackers and pop most of the time simply because nothing else stayed down. I had to find foods that stayed down while coming off my medications from the doctors and rotate my food 4 days all at the same time. I would like to add that I was not only throwing up everything I ate but also I was taking medications from the doctor for my acid because the acid was so bad it felt like bleach coming up from my stomach everyday all day. As I got better, only throwing up about twice a day, it got harder to avoid the foods you were once so familiar with before this all happened. The acid went away from taking natural medicine and eating the right foods. I am a certified chef so giving up what you loved to do was the hardest thing through this whole process. I wasn't getting any better and I was still throwing up at least 3 times a week if not more. I wasn't progressing like I wanted to so I decided to quit the restaurant business and move onto another career. I took a 3 month break afterwards and kept with my diet. I stopped throwing up and I was pretty much all better. I found a career I love just as much that doesn't involve tasting foods I can't have. At this point in my life it was about 10 months after the first visit to Lia. I was keeping food down, rotating food, no medication and eating well. I lost 4 pants size, if you don't know, when you throw up everyday and still try to eat you gain about 50lbs of water weight. I was a size 14 back in Nov 2012 and now size 8 in Nov 2013. Although I can't have pop anymore, artificial ingredients, random foods from my list. I now can, a year later with all dedication I put into it and the money and the time, eat normally, digest normally and live my life. I can't deviate and cheat because if and when I do I instantly get sick. But when I think about the 2 years of throwing up everyday, I don't want to cheat my diet or my body because its not worth it. I couldn't have done it without Lia and her study and hard work in this matter. She saved my life because I probably only have 2 months to live and here I am living to write about it. I could write more because there is a lot detail that I have put into my life in the past few years to get where I am. But I know if there is someone out there that thinks there is no where else to turn to and your money is tight, you can't get out of bed anymore to work because your too sick and weak and the doctors just shoved you with medication and told you there is nothing we can do, believe in your self and give Naturopathic medicine a try with Lia because there is no one else I would trust more with my health then her.

Lia Sonnenburg - Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine - Collingwood 705-446-2200 73 Market st. Collingwood ON, L9Y3M7 Canada 5.0 5.0 1 1 I was on death row and this is how my story begins when I tell you how I went from just beating death to alive and well, and pretty much fully recovered in under a year from Naturo

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